Let’s all create some contrived crap and feign offense

1142192H/T Alfie



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Tackling people may now commence. Except for the Quarterbacks.


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I’d kill a lion.

Yup.  I’d shoot it right in the face if I had to.  Now you want me to add the “If I had to survive.”  line here?  Nope.  I’m done justifying shit to the PC crowd.  This insanity is ruining America.  Cry me a river of tears over your fuckin lion.  Take your moral outrage and help the homeless in your own local community if you want to help.

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Clueless jack asses

Dear mindless slogan spewing drones,

Yes “All lives do matter”.   If you’re legitimately offended by that you are totally clueless.  Although I really suspect that you are simply a low functioning person incapable of independent thought past your righteous indignation at those with the ability to go a out their lives with rational individual thoughts and a grasp of the real world concepts at a functional level.

Fuck you,



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FB page work in progress.

Now to decide if the page is “for” a: cause, public figure, brand or institution….. Hmmm


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I awaken….. slowly.

The long slumber is ending.  Facebook exile is in affect still of course.  I’ll try to set up a page vs personal account there for cross posting.  Most of my self imposed exile was due to a job switch that correspond with the death of my main computer used for this site’s management and maintenance.  But that’s calming down now.  So you can expect a nice drunken rant this weekend.  I just haven’t settled on the topic yet.  As abject stupid abounds lately I’m torn between politics, race baiting or general populace retardation.  Decisions decisions.

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