Friday night drunken fun with trolls

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I know, I can’t help myself, it’s an addiction.  Topic thread at on Keystone decision pushed back

NRO • an hour ago
No Keystone approval until the Republicans vote an Immigration reform bill at House floor.

The Pissed Off Tree Rat NRO • an hour ago
Yeah, that’s been stemmed by Reid and never even called to a floor vote while the Democrats had the House, Senate and Executive Branch. Weak deflection and shows your lack of depth past Soros talking points on issues. Beside it’s irrelevant to discussion at hand. Try again NRO and stay on topic.

NRO • an hour ago

That was then, this is now. If GOP can play hardball on immigration then we will play ever harder ball in everything that GOP constituencies covet.

The Pissed Off Tree Rat NRO • an hour ago

That was even weaker and more pathetic. Are you standing in a corner and stomping your feet pouting? If you have a legit point to make on the topic at hand then do so. Otherwise take your bumper sticker slogans and move on. Be relevant or move on.

NRO • 44 minutes ago
Nope. just putting pressure on GOP. remember, we can by-pass the GOP Congress with Presidential Executive order but the GOP can’t get anything done unless we allow them to do so.

The Pissed Off Tree Rat NRO • 43 minutes ago
Got it. You’re standing in a corner and stomping your feet pouting with no legitimate point to make on the topic at hand and like a toddler demand attention by making annoying noise with no substance or point.

NRO • 36 minutes ago
Nothing personal. We mean business, baby. You can’t refuse our offer.

The Pissed Off Tree Rat NRO • 34 minutes ago
Apparently your business models must just suck then. As you just said “remember, we can by-pass the GOP Congress with Presidential Executive order but the GOP can’t get anything done unless we allow them to do so.”. So apparently you can do anything you want but still can’t get anything done. Therefore whoever you got running the show must be inept. Go back to having your hissy in the corner child and try to think up a topic relating to the thread.

NRO • 26 minutes ago
Whatever. Your side gets nothing unless we are satisfied with our demand.

The Pissed Off Tree Rat NRO • 15 minutes ago
I’ll give you some advice here Jr. as you’ve gone off the rails and bored us all on this thread already. Maybe it will help you on your next thread. Don’t worry it’s free and maybe it’ll keep you from looking like a nitwit on your next troll attempt:
1. Always make a dig relating to the topic of the article. You are vulnerable to the “so what?” to folks interested in the topic at hand. Keep at least a thread of relevancy to the issue.
2. Never say “Nothing personal” or “Don’t take it personally”. It just shows you are in fact taking it personally.
3. The old “They did it first, so now we can too” justification is what idiots use to justify genocide. Never, ever, is this a good approach to show a logical or high road argument position. That’s playground thinking and a guaranteed loser.
I have a whole ten point list, but I’m giving you the three above for free as you attempted each, weakly, in your comments above. The rest you can get by studying up the topic of “fallacies in debate”. Google it. There’s a vast amount of pointer and tips, attacks and defenses. If your gonna Troll son then take some damn pride in it and learn to do it properly.
You’re welcome,

NRO • 11 minutes ago
Who the F are U? Take your advise & shove it up yours.

The Pissed Off Tree Rat NRO • 7 minutes ago
Last ones for free Jr.. Seeing as you seem to be in dire straights. I’ll give you a #4 and #5. As you just did them both:

#4. If you find yourself typing the word “whatever” then just delete that comment and move on to a new thread as you’ve just lost the debate.

#5. If you’ve typed profanity or threatened violence then just delete that comment and move on to a new thread as you’ve just lost the debate and any credibility at all with the potential of running afoul of moderators.

Really you should be paying for this kind of advice.

Strange.  He left the tread after that.  I had so much more advice to give………  Huggs.


Dear, Nevada’s 1st congressional district. WTF?! This guy doesn’t offend you too?

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Real politicians say things like:

Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day. But a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly proves a deliberate systematic plan of reducing us to slavery. – Thomas Jefferson

Petty thug ideological bigot politicians say things like:

Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists. -Harry Reid



Something the pro-regressives never learned

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Something the pro-regressives never learned

Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have.

Ronald Reagan

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy (hero, jackass or freeloading rancher?)

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Bottom line is nobody gives a shit about these stupid turtles the BLM is moaning about.  That’s a dumb shit excuse and the whole state of Nevada knows that’s not what this is about.  Folks in Nevada have been running over them with their cars for decades without batting and eyelash.  The ranch stand off in Nevada is possibly the most interesting scenario playing out in America right now and the media sidelines it. You have a state regulatory commission being caught by the Governor in overzealous overreach who responds with idiotic comments about digging graves and basically flipping the bird to the Governor. So a state Governor that can’t cut through his own bureaucratic agencies due to federal support for the land commission, and “militias” from other states now arriving to reinforce the property owner squabbling with the local commission over a questionable fine and land usage rights. Both the county and rancher seem to be pissing on each others boots on that. But unless a legit arbitrator shows up fast this will end badly. My take…………. bureaucrats have become way to emboldened, with the backing of federally funded firepower never intended for regulatory agencies, to enforce their non judicial policies with disregard for the arduous legal processes that such matters normally proceed with. The potential for horrific prescience may be set here.  I have no malice to the BLM troopers, and believe they are all well meaning at heart, but seriously how can these guys not turn to their bosses and question how damned stupid this whole situation is?   Everyone step back and chill the fuck out for a second.  Right or wrong, only the system ends up looking bad here.  Very bad.  So if we’re tossing the chips on the table who’s gonna say “Fuck it, let’s go.” first?



And the answer to the Ultimate Question is…………………:

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Yup.  Cause that’s how I’m rolling today.

………… shit, when’s football come back?

How the liberal mind doesn’t explode daily with hypocritical seizures is beyond me.

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So D.C. convicts a man of “having in his home a 12-gauge shell that had failed to go off on a hunt that he kept as a souvenir, a spent .270 Winchester shell casing, and a box of .45 caliber Knight muzzleloader bullets with plastic sabots”. All legal material. But they they want to legalize the possession in a home of Cannabis which remains a Schedule I substance under federal law as of 2013. So folks don’t see the twisted hypocrisy to criminalize the possession of a legal item in your home by law abiding citizens in D.C. but legalize the possession of an illegal substance in your home that had to have been brought into D.C. illegally. Bizarre.


Before you start pinging on me stance on legalized marijuana or guns I’ll state my position clearly.  I think you should feel free to legally smoke a bowl of some choice herb, or clean a sweet tricked out AR after a day at the range, on your back porch.   Just not at the same time.  Accidents do happen and you don’t need to be “That Guy”.


How have I not heard this quote before?

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Short, simple, to the point and completely faking on the money (yes, pun intended):


The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery. – Winston Churchill


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