Just leave the damn Oval Office empty in 2016………

I seriously find most of the joke (insert name here) for President in 2016 candidates as better options. I’ve never seen a more crap field of presidential candidates. The DNC won’t even fathom offering a legit candidate besides their anointed albatross and the RNC has sixty or so with one good idea, and 50 bad, individually.

The American voters really needs to start assessing ways to cut the chains of the DNC and RNC. The joke is on us for putting up with this crap.

The POTR Revolution

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The Goat Kicks Back


Kumbaya will never cut it. Read. Share. Think.

Originally posted on According To Hoyt:

The Israelites of old had a custom whereby — to stop the psychological consequences of sin — they put their sins onto a goat and drove it into the desert.

Of course it wasn’t fair to the poor goat, because it was just a dumb animal, driven into an inhospitable environment and if it survived long enough it probably became dinner for some wandering nomad.

I mean, PETA would be all over them, but it was a sophisticated way to save the community.

Fortunately for them the goat didn’t have access to the internet and its store of misbehavior that never goes away.

So, on Dave Pascoe’s (#3 auxiliary, backup adopted son) posts he had a throw away line.  It’s early in the morning and I’ve only had half a cup of coffee and I’m not going to look for it just now, but if I recall it was something…

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Come on some body please……

7190012116_8d05ef1da3_zPlease explain to me why one would still be considering voting for Hillary.  No you can’t say because she’s not a Republican.  That’s just a cop out.  I’m seriouslycurious on what people see that makes her “the one” to them.


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70,000 pay to watch the Packers Practice on Family Day


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Let’s all create some contrived crap and feign offense

1142192H/T Alfie



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Tackling people may now commence. Except for the Quarterbacks.


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I’d kill a lion.

Yup.  I’d shoot it right in the face if I had to.  Now you want me to add the “If I had to survive.”  line here?  Nope.  I’m done justifying shit to the PC crowd.  This insanity is ruining America.  Cry me a river of tears over your fuckin lion.  Take your moral outrage and help the homeless in your own local community if you want to help.

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