Remember this old ditty? I do.

I’ll bet we hear this a lot by the end of the year…

4 Responses to “Remember this old ditty? I do.”

  1. caohaoim Says:

    They need an extra line there.
    rocks into pebbles
    pebbles into sand
    sand into glass

  2. Nukes are pretty expensive. We must have “fiscally responsible” bombing.

  3. caohaoim Says:

    I was on a panel once where a guy had a design for 10lbs of concrete and a railroad flare that would hit the ground at about 1800ft/sec if you dropped it from 50,000ft and 300MPH from a B52.
    HI calculations looked good. cost was about 3 bucks per if you made thousands of them.

  4. Ahh kinetic energy. Sort of rocks.

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