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Is it time to perp walk the Candidates for 2012 yet? I have a suggestion of course.

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , on 29 August 2010 by The Pissed Off Tree Rat

Had to throw this at you before I begin to completely devolve from politics into a beer swilling football freak for a few months.  While politics is amusing, the none to subtle siren’s call of the NFL gets louder each day.  I think I will just keep, as a special memory, the images of my lefty peers having written apocalyptic seizures that Glen Beck failed to appear in a KKK robe with a burning cross or generally say anything hateful or disrespectful to anyone yesterday.  How dare he not proof out their talking point thesis statement of his obvious hate and racism.  Their idioligical bigiotry was laid bare by the own preconceived notions and abject refusal to admit they have been a tad mistaken in this case.  Well no use in laughing at the liberals crying over their spilled racism ranting milk.  I’m moving on to one last political pitch for awhile.  A pitch for  Da Man Bruce  in 2012.  Hey I’m just throwing it out there.  Maybe it’s time for a little sugar Freaks.

You KNOW you were thinking it!


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